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Our partnership with Mali Island started about 2 years ago with the initial goal to come up with a solution to mitigate coastal erosion; however, the underlying issue was the severe effects of climate change on their small island. With longer dry seasons, rainier wet seasons, and the coastal erosion project deemed beyond our abilities, in partnership with the community, we decided to switch the project focus to water supply. We recently performed a remote implementation to have the community implement six rain catchment systems with our guidance through a construction manual we created for them in the spring. We are now preparing for our next trip to implement the rest of the rain catchment systems. Along with this, we are protyping for our second phase with a solar powered borehole pump and portable slow sand filters.

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Fiji Project Timeline


Summer: Remote Implementation

The project teams plans on traveling for a remote implementation of the first half of the water storage tanks and rainwater collection systems.


August 13-August 25: Survey Trip #2

The Fiji project team traveled to Mali for our second survey trip. The team was able to formulate a three-year plan to improve water storage, filtration, and security for the communities.

March: Survey Trip #1

The project team traveled to Fiji for the first time to survey and collect data regarding coastal erosion, as well as assess the community for other needs. The team has since pivoted to more pressing issues regarding water storage and collection.


Fiji Project Team Formed

The Fiji team was founded by the previously India team.

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