Malawi Team First Update!


The Malawi Team is partnered with an agrarian community in southern Malawi called Kumponda and just returned from a Bicycle-Powered Maize Mill Implementation and Borehole Monitoring Trip that occurred in September. For the borehole, the team tested the water with the water board, conducted surveys to gauge the satisfaction with the project, and arranged intensive borehole training through the government. The water ended up being clean and the community was happy with the project. 

The team also implemented the new design for the maize mill that uses conical burrs which are typically seen in espresso coffee grinders. These parts are essential to produce the fineness of corn necessary for the community members to make their staple food, nsima. The design was not fully implemented and the team continues to work on the design here at Cal Poly. The team is very excited to have the Crash Course graduates join our team as well as any new members as there is a lot of room to get very involved in many different aspects of the team!

EWB Cal Poly