Critical Global Engagement Club

Part of EWB’s mission is to “empower communities to meet their basic human needs.” This mission is admirable, but what does it look like in practice? What does it mean to empower a community? How can we confront the complex power structures that have inhibited communities from meeting their basic human needs? These questions have no simple, distinct solution. Their exploration requires the diverse perspectives of cross-disciplinary students, many of whom are studying the very problems we are working to solve through engineering solutions. Critical Global Engagement (CGE) Club is partnering with EWB to host discussions and provide projects to explore these questions. CGE aims to push EWB's Engineering students to question why we are involved in development projects and who we are ultametly helping. The group aims to foster critical thinking and action with intention. Join us to contribute your valuable perspective in creating sustainable solutions to global issues.


Mondays 6:10-7PM

@ 186-C200