Engineers Without Borders at Cal Poly has five project teams, each of which could not be completed without your support. Many of our projects are expensive, and it can be difficult to achieve completion and long-term project success with limited funding from Cal Poly and various other grants. By contributing to Engineers Without Borders Cal Poly, you support well-developed, sustainable projects with long-term impacts.

Potential partners can email us or donate directly below. Partners can donate to specific projects, project teams, or to the club overall. Due to the nature of developing in countries abroad, monetary donations are preferred over material donations due to the logistics of transportation and customs.

For our potential partners, we are able to offer talks to your company, marketing materials (such as social media posts, sponsorship photographs, t-shirts, and more), events, and more. Additionally, we have various partnership tiers with various benefits for each tier.

For our potential donors, including students, alumni, and family members, please refer to the Donations page.

Clicking the PARTNER TODAY button will forward you to Cal Poly’s giving website, where you will receive the option to support EWB as a whole, or any individual project team of your choosing.


Partnership tiers

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