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The Thailand team has been partnered with the community of Pa Koe in Northern Thailand. The community of Pa Koe, a long-standing Burmese Refugee camp, is expanding in population and was in need of improved infrastructure. Our team has worked to address water quality and accessibility within the community. In December of 2017, we partnered with community members to implement a low-maintenance, gravity fed filtration plant. Our team is now monitoring the filtration plant and preparing to close out the project. Due to EWB -USA 2.0, all EWB teams across the nation are finishing up current projects, but unable to start new ones in Thailand. Just as those teams, once we close out of the current water project we will no longer be in Thialand. This is projected to happen by the end of this quarter. Still we have tons of work to do this quarter so come check out our team on Monday nights! We would love to meet you.

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